Vanilla Extract Recipe

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade vanilla bean extract is so simple it only requires 2 ingredients - vanilla beans and alcohol! This is a great alternative to store bought imitation essences, as it is more pure and rich in flavour - with no added artificial flavourings or extra ingredients. The longer you steep your vanilla, the stronger the extract.  


5 vanilla beans

250ml vodka


1 bottle with a secure lid

Funnel (optional)


1. Slice vanilla beans lengthwise and place in bottle.

2. Using funnel, pour in approximately 250 ml of vodka so that the top of the beans are covered.

3. Put lid on and wait approximately one month before you start using the extract. You can give the bottle a gentle turn every few days if you would like to help it along.

Optional: Strain liquid through a coffee filter after 1-2 months.